Presence - Hybrid - Digital

It is planned that as many courses as possible will be held in presence. Since there are still a few weeks until the start of the semester, we can unfortunately only reflect the current planning status. 

Master students are kindly asked to check the UniviS course catalog and the OLAT e-learning portal to find out how your chosen modules will be taught. Please also note that some modules are subject to prior registration due to space limitations. You will usually also receive information about this via UniviS, OLAT or the module descriptions

For the first-year students of our Bachelor's programs, we have prepared here the list of compulsory modules and the form of teaching according to the current status.

ATTENTION: in order to participate in the modules, registration via OLAT (learning platform) is necessary in many cases. The access data to OLAT has been sent by the Student Services together with your Stu-ID. The OLAT links to the individual courses are usually made available in UniviS (course catalog). 


Form der Lehre


Biologie Pflanzen (biol502)

Vorlesungs- und Übungsmodul:

Vorlesung als Hybridveranstaltung

Übung in Präsenz (Anwesenheit erforderlich) 


Anatomie und Physiologie des Menschen (biol506)

Vorlesungsmodul:  Hybridveranstaltung, keine Übung


Allgemeine Chemie I & II (chem0001-01a)

Vorlesungs- und Übungsmodul:

Vorlesung als Hybridveranstaltung

Übung voraussichtlich Ende Februar 22 als Blockveranstaltung in Präsenz

The Student Council organizes an accompanying tutoring.

Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre (VWL-EVWL) 

Übungen zur Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre

Vorlesungs- und Übungsmodul: noch unbekannt



Einführung in die Statistik und Informationsverarbeitung (AEF-ök001)


hybrides Format, weitere Informationen in Univisund über OLAT