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When do module examinations take place?

In every semester, there are two available consecutive examination periods which are scheduled at the end of the lecture period as well as at the beginning of the following semester. The exact dates of the registration periods for each examination period and an overview of the examination period, itself, can either be found posted on the notice board or on the website of the Virtual Central Examination Office for B.A. and M.A. Students.

How do I go about registering for a module examination?

Your registration should be done via the online system QIS.  In exceptions, a written registration can be submitted to the Examination Office with the following form.


When and where do I find out when my examinations are taking place?

 Written examination dates are assigned at the beginning of every semester and are announced on the notice board and on the website of the Examination Office. The oral examination dates offered by university instructors are, at the latest, made public on the first day of the registration period and

can be found in the same locations. The exact dates that specifically apply to you can be viewed via the QIS online system at the end of the registration period. For students who do not have access to QIS, these dates will also be posted in the Examination Office.

 What is the examination procedure?

Oral individual or group examinations last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Either two examiners or one examiner and an observer are present. The examination result must be given to the examinee directly following the examination. Written examinations are taken under supervision and have a maximum time limit of 90 minutes.

 Can other individuals attend the examinations?

With your permission, a fellow student is permitted to attend the examination.

 How do I go about retaking an examination?

In the event that you fail or that you do not attend an examination, the examination office does not re-register you.  You are required to register yourself for the next examination period in which you would like to repeat the failed or missed examination. Please note that an examination can only be repeated a maximum of two times.

When can I retake an examination?

 One can apply for admission to module examinations in any of the 3 examination periods following the module. External modules from other faculties, which are only offered in 2 examination periods, are excluded (Chemistry, Bio Plants, Bio Animals, Economics, Anatomy, Physics).

Modules from the summer semester (SS) are possible: July – October – February

Modules from the winter semester (WS) are possible: February - March/April – July

What do I do when I am ill on the day of the examination?

Should you be ill on the day of an examination, you are required to provide the Examination Office with a doctor's certificate. This will enable the head of the Examination Committee to clarify whether your illness justifies your absence. Please find the necessary form (exception: a stay in hospital, for which a certificate from the clinic is sufficient) here.

The reasons for not attending an examination must be communicated immediately, shown to be legitimate and submitted in written form. This means that all documents pertaining to your missed examination must be submitted to the Examination Office within 4 days (including the day of the examination). The postmark, i.e. date stamp, will be the indicator as to whether or not the submission was made within the 4-day period. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count.  In the case of an oral examination, the course instructor must, at the very latest, be informed via e-mail on the morning of the scheduled examination of your inability to attend the scheduled examination.

Complementary Examinations

Complementary examinations are examinations that do not take place during the regular

examination periods. These are, predominantly, presentations and papers.  In order to ensure that the marks for these complementary examinations are acknowledged and properly assigned by the instructors, one must register these complementary examinations at the end of the semester for the

1st examination period. This can also apply to written exams covering only a section of the respective module.

Bachelor and Master's Theses

Bachelor and Master's Theses must be applied for in the examination office. Please bring the appropriate form in person to the examination office, where the application will be processed immediately.

Please be sure that the designated completion time is adhered to and that your thesis is applied for in good time.

In justified exceptions, the completion time can be extended. In such a case, please provide the Examination Office with an independent written request including the reason(s) for the desired extension and the specific requested time extension. The maximum extension can be found in your thesis approval notification. The university or faculty's seal may not be used on any thesis.

Elective modules from other faculties


Up to 2 elective modules from other faculties can go towards the completion of a Bachelor of

Science or a Master of Science. Further information can be found here.