- Dear Students, 

please contact the examination office only in case of absolute emergency. Please do not submit matters that can be processed after 31.01.2022 until February 2022.
The Examinations Office has developed an emergency concept for the Examinations Office together with the student council.
Emergencies are:

- certificates for BAFÖG and student loans
- Final documents
- Final papers
- Performance overviews for applications and as proof for authorities
- Recognitions that have to be proven in WiSe 2021/22

Please contact the examination office by mail. Use the stu mail address. Based on the European Data Protection Regulation, the Examination Office may only communicate with enrolled students via this mail address. Other senders of enrolled students will be deleted unprocessed.
Stu mails that are not answered beyond this are not emergencies. Please redirect your concerns to the Examinations Office as of February 2022.
The Student Advisory Service of the Student Council has agreed to actively support the Examination Office around advising. Please also contact the student council if you have any questions:
The student council can be contacted as follows:
Tel: +49(0)431 880 3651

No regular office hours will be offered until February 2022. If there is a need for personal contact, individual appointments will be made.
Final papers may still be submitted in person. In addition, the main gate is staffed around the clock, and final papers may also be dropped off here. If submitted via regular mail, the deadline is the date of the stamped mark.
Registration for final paper submissions have to be made by e-mail.

Closing time during X-mas holidays: Dec. 23rd, 2021 until Jan. 03rd, 2022

Delivery Address Olshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel 
Visitor Address Hermann-Rodewald-Str. 4
Zi.: 18
Telephone: 0431/880-3209
Fax: 0431/880-7334



(Please be sure to provide your matriculation number)

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