Student Advisory

Do you need help in choosing your study program? The staff at the CAU's central student advisory service can help you get started. The ASTA also offers general student advising.

If you have any questions about a course of study at the AEF, you can contact

  • the Examinations Office if you have basic questions about the curriculum, schedules, compulsory or elective modules, transcripts, etc,
  • the Internship Office, if you want to know  already completed internships can be credited or if you need support in finding an internship, or
  • contact the subject-specific advisors if you have specific questions about the courses offered in your chosen field of study.

Our advisors as well as the contact persons in the internship offices of Agricultural Sciences and Nutritional and Household Economics can be found in the glossary on this page, which is sorted by study program.

The student council of the AEF offers a student advisory service "from the student's point of view". Please inform yourself on the pages of the student council, visit the student council (HRS4, rear side of the Emil Lang lecture hall) or call: 0431 880 3651.