About possibilities to receive BAföG as International Student, please contact the "Studentenwerk SH".


If you already receive BAföG, please contact the Examination Office if you have further questions, but please read carefully first the following explanations: 

lease submit certificates for submission to the Office of Student Financial Aid to the Faculty's Examination Office, Hermann-Rodewald-Str. 4, 24118 Kiel. The staff of the examination office will submit the form to the BAföG officer responsible for the required signature.

Bachelor of Science
From the fifth semester onwards, educational assistance for attending a higher technical college, academy or university is only provided from the point in time when the student has submitted a certificate of achievement § 48 BAföG. This is regularly a certificate issued by the higher education institution after the start of the fourth semester or proof of the credits earned (ECTS).

Wording and intention of the law - § 48 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 BAföG - is that the proof of achievements (certificate of achievement on form 5) is issued "after the beginning of the 4th subject semester". After the beginning of the 4th semester, however, only the performance level of the 3rd semester can be certified.
However, if the required performance has not been achieved at the beginning of the 4th semester, a performance certificate can be issued after the end of the 4th semester, then of course with the performance level of the 4th semester. With this procedure, there is usually a delay of up to 3 months in the grant payments due to the submission of the certificate of achievement at the end of the 4th semester or at the beginning of the 5th semester and due to the processing time in the Office for Educational Support.

Master of Science
The Master's degree can only be funded once the Bachelor's degree has been officially completed. This must be proven by submitting the Bachelor's certificate or at least a confirmation from the examination office, and at the same time proof of enrollment in the Master's program must be provided.

Dual enrollment
Students at CAU zu Kiel are allowed double enrollment. They re-register for the Bachelor's degree, which has not yet been fully completed, e.g. in the 7th semester and can already enroll in the Master's degree at the same time, provided that no more than 30 credit points are missing for graduation and the B.Sc. degree can be proven for a summer term by June, 10th and for a winter term by December, 10th.