Our Faculty was founded in 1946 as the Faculty of Agriculture and received a seal with the motto Nunquam Otiosus (never idle) and with the agricultural symbol of plow and ear of corn.

Prof. Dr. Emil Lang, together with other faculties and with the special support of the Research Institute for Dairy Farming, made special efforts to expand the faculty.

While until 1970 only graduated farmers and later graduated agricultural engineers were trained, the faculty was significantly expanded in that year and now also offered the course of studies in household economics.

At the same time, the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Since 1998, it now bears the name "Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences" (AEF).

In 2000, the AEF was one of the first faculties to introduce the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, and there has been a steady expansion of the range of courses offered. In the meantime, students at the faculty can choose from a total of nine study programs.