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Examinations in February and March/April 2021


Dear students,



All examinations of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences will be conducted online during the 1st and 2nd examination period of the winter semester 2020/21. No examinations may be held in presence.

If an exam has to be conducted in presence, the dean will decide on the exceptions upon request of the respective institutes.

The examinations previously planned to be held in presence in these examination periods will be converted into alternative forms of examination.

For organisational reasons, the Examinations Office usually allocates examination dates for 2 students for the time slot of a full hour (e.g. 1-14 p.m.). Each student therefore knows the time slot when the examination will take place, but not whether she/he will be examined for the first or the second half hour in this time slot. The examination itself lasts at least 15 minutes, plus counselling and grade announcement. When the individual student is examined within this time slot is decided by the examiner. Examiners are asked to provide information in advance about the time slot and the converted examinations. If you do not receive any information in advance, it is recommended that you contact the examiner during the lecture period, e.g. collected in the respective course.

Please only register for examinations that you actually want to take. If you are unable to attend, please inform the examiner by e-mail.


1. examination period - Februay 2021 - written examination from summer semester 2020

1. examination period- Februay 2021 - written examination from winter semester 2020/21

2. examination period - March/April 2021 - written examination from winter semester 2020/21


1. examination period - February 2021 - date proposels - oral examination

2. examination period  - March/April 2021 - date prosposels - oral examonation



Free Attempt - update 23 January 2021

The Corona University Law Supplementation Ordinance comes into force today. The resulting new rules for a free attempt will be dealt with in the committees in this week.

  • Granting a free attempt for failed examinations taken on or after Januar 23, provided they are online examinations or the type of examination has changed;
  • The semester count is also suspended for the winter semester 20/21 (exemption semester regulation).

Furthermore, students who care for or look after children under the age of 14 and whose learning or examination situation is significantly impeded due to the closure of schools and day-care facilities will be allowed to take a free attempt on absolved and not-passed examinations in the winter semester 2020/21. We will inform you in the course of this week in the usual manner about the concrete form of these regulations as well as further details on the topic of studies and examinations.






























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Due to the ban on contact in relation to the corona pandemic, consultations can currently only be given by telephone or email.

When available, we are also glad to assist you outside of the designated office hours

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Chairman of the audit committees

Agriculture: Prof. Dr. U. Orth
Nutrition and Household Economics: Prof. Dr. M. Schellhorn
Environmental Management/Applied Ecology/Ecohydrology: Prof. Dr. T. Diekötter
AgriGenomics: Prof. Dr. G. Thaller
Dairy Sciences Prof. Dr. Hartung