Matriculation as Doctoral Student

Matriculation as doctoral student

at Kiel University

As soon as you have been officially accepted as a doctoral candidate by the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences and have received your acceptance letter, you have the possibility to register as a doctoral student.

Please consider the respective provision of the Hochschulgesetz of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and the respective doctoral degree regulations.

If you are of German nationality, you can enroll at the student service center. Studierendenservice

If you are no German citizen different rules for matriculation apply. In this case please contact the International Center at Kiel University. On the following page you can read more information about Admission to doctoral studies.

Enrollment as a doctoral student is not required for later admission to the doctoral examination procedure. But as a doctoral student at the University of Kiel, you will receive a certificate of study (in German: Studienbescheinigung), which is for example required for your visa, for your scolarship, in order to get an accomodation of the university or in oder to use other discounts and services.