Honorary Doctorates

According to university rules and regulations, the Faculty can award honorary doctorates of Agricultural Science (Dr. sc. agr. h.c.) on the basis of merit.  To be considered, a written proposal must be submitted to the dean.  4/5 members of the faculty's council (Konvent) must approve the proposal.  For exceptional scientific achievements or other significant contributions of merit, the faculty has awarded honorary doctorates to the following recipients:




Theodor Brinkmann († 11. 8. 1951)
Prof. Dr. h.c., Universität Bonn, am 24. 4. 1947,
for his service to the Farm Management, which he rose to the rank of a systematic science

Eilhard Alfred Mitscherlich († 3. 2. 1956)
Prof. Dr. phil., Dr. agr. h.c. mult., Humboldt-Universität Berlin, am 11. 3. 1948,,
for his scientific work in the field of plant cultivation, plant nutrition and soil science, and as the founder of the eponymous revenue laws.

Rudolf Carsten († Okt. 1954)
Saatzüchter, Bad Schwartau, am 12. 5. 1950,
a practical plant breeder, who became world famous by pioneering breeding new wheat varieties.

Benno Martiny († 9. 3. 1953)
Prof. Dr. phil., Universität Halle, am 14. 3. 1951,
a teacher and researcher in the field of Agriculture Science and outstanding designer of agricultural machinery.

Ivar Johansson († 30. 9. 1988)
Prof. Dr. phil., Hochschule Uppsala/Schweden, am 18. 5. 1951,
for his fundamental discoveries about the inheritance of economically important characteristics of pets and their relationship with the environment.

Berthold Klatt († 4. 1. 1958)
Prof. Dr. phil., Universität Hamburg, am 24. 5. 1955,
for his fundamental studies on the origin and evolution of pets and for his justified by actual experiments, new ideas about the nature of the constitution..

Jonas Schmidt († 13. 3. 1958)
Prof. Dr. phil., Universität Hohenheim, am 7. 10. 1955,
for his research on the relationship between form and performance in domestic animals and to promote animal husbandry by breeding experiments and improved performance tests.


Fritz Baade († 15. 5. 1974)
Prof. Dr. rer. pol., Universität Kiel, am 23. 1. 1958,
for his research on problems of agricultural economics that encouraged the Agricultural Sciences and promoted.

Karl Massmann († 3. 2. 1956)
Landesbankdirektor, Kiel, am 9. 7. 1959 posthum,
for his services to the rural settlements, to rebuild the economy, the development of the agricultural credit sector and as chairman of the University Society.

Alfred Toepfer († 8. 10. 1993)
Kaufmann, Hamburg, am 13. 7. 1959,
for his contributions to the development of agricultural policy, the establishment of national parks and dissemination of conservation thought and promoting agriculture through science, and the foundation of the Justus-von-Liebig-Prize.

Kurt Mothes († 12. 2. 1983)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Universität Halle, am 5. 11. 1960,
the further developed by his fundamental work in crop plant physiology and plant nutrition in agriculture.

Paul Schachtschabel († 4.2.1998)
Prof. Dr. phil. nat., Universität Hannover, am 4. 6. 1964,
for his research in the field of soil science and plant nutrition, in-depth knowledge of the floor as the site of important crops.

Hans Loertscher
Prof. Dr., Zürich, Schweiz, im Juni 1965,
the occasion of the 300-year celebration of the CAU, for outstanding contributions in the history of pets.

Ernst Engelbrecht-Greve († 10. 1. 1990)
Landesminister a.D., am 28. 5. 1975,
for his achievements in developing Europe and Schleswig-Holstein agriculture, to promote the development of landscape and particularly for his contributions to the Department entrusted to the care sciences.

Hans-Heinrich Herlemann († 27. 5.2004)
Prof. Dr. agr., Technische Universität München, am 6. 2. 1976,
for his work on the mechanization of agriculture and its stages developed from scientific studies forecast models for the mineral fertilizer demand.

Gerhard Röbbelen
Prof. Dr. rer. nat., Göttingen, am 6. 2. 1976,
for his work in the field of mutation research and its cytogenetic studies on cereals and for breeding work to improve the quality of crops.


Vernon W. Ruttan († 18. 8. 2008)
Prof. Dr., University of Minnesota, St. Paul, am 17. 12. 1986,
for his pioneering research on the origin and object of Agricultural Sciences, and the documentation of the early achievements of the German agricultural research and international significance.

Kurt Heyns († 28. 4. 2005)
Prof. Dr., Universität Hamburg, am 17. 12. 1986,
for his fundamental work in the field of food chemistry and food science.

John L. Dillon († 5. 6. 2001)
Prof. Ph.D., University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australien, am 22. 4. 1993,
for pioneering research in the field of analysis of agricultural production functions and for his pioneering studies on the analysis of agricultural decisions under uncertainty

Günter M. Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. agr., Technische Universität München, am 6. 7. 1996,
for his internationally recognized research in the field of biology, epidemiology and pest relevance of microbial pathogens that enables the development of pioneering basic knowledge for a modern integrated management of plant protection in arable crops production systems.

Udo Schwertmann
Prof. Dr., Technische Universität München, am 6. 7. 1996,
for his groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of iron oxide formation and erosion of the research that has shaped the development of the international soil science crucial.

Rosemarie von Schweitzer
Prof. Dr., Universität Gießen, am 6. 7. 1996,
for her research into the integration of financial management and household production in the household economy, the significant influence on the development of domestic economic research and teaching.

Günter Wricke († 8. 7. 2009)
Prof. Dr., Universität Hannover, am 13.11.1998,
for his pioneering scientific knowledge in the field of population genetics and quantitative genetic basis of plant breeding and the significant influence on the development of molecular marker analysis.

since 1999

Karl-Heinz Menke,
Prof. Dr., Universität Hohenheim, am 21. 10. 2004,
for his scientific work to feed evaluation and performance prediction of farm animals, the trend for the animal nutrition research and the agricultural practice of great importance

Günther Fielmann,
Prof., Schierensee, am 9. 12. 2004,
for his farsighted and comprehensive long-term promotion of interdisciplinary scientific research with the goal of holistic assessment of agricultural production systems, which are a model of commitment to the sciences and to our society.

Friedrich Berschauer,
Prof. Dr., Monheim, am 3. Juni 2005,
for his outstanding achievements in research management and the promotion of basic and applied research in the areas of animal health and plant protection and the resulting integration of industry and public research

Karl Heinrich Hartge, († 11. 6. 2009)
Prof. Dr., Hannover, am 18. November 2005,
because of its scientific work on hydraulic and mechanical processes and soil functions for research and teaching in soil science and soil physics and also world-wide trend for the agricultural and forestry practices of very great importance

Winfried E.H. Blum,
Prof. Dr. h.c., Wien, am 5. November 2010,
due to his scientific work in the soil chemistry and clay mineralogy, which are for the bottom genetics, soil classification and for Terrestrial Ecology indicative and for environmental research is of great importance.