Post-Graduate Scholarship

Information on Federal State Funding at CAU Kiel as well as further funding optios are available here.

Due to a change of funding periods, new deadlines for applications for the Graduiertenförderung are valid:

Candidates, who already receive funding and apply for a prolongation, please

31. August for a prolongation starting on 01. January every year

31. January  for a prolongation starting on 01. July every year.

These deadlines are only valid for already running fundings.


For new applications beginning in 2019/2020 the following deadlines are valid, but only for this specific application period:

31. August 2018  for a funding start on 01. January 2019

31. March 2019  for a funding start on 01. October 2019

15. September 2019  for a funding start on 01. April 2020


For new applications starting October 2020 and later:

31.March  for a funding start on 01. October every year

15. September for funding start on 01. April every year


For your application please the following documents are obilgatory:

  • Letter of application
  • Chronological C.V.
  • Form "Additional information"
  • Short summary of your abstract (max. 1/3 page)
  • Abstract of your proposed doctoral research including the current state of your research and a time and work plan
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • One recommendation letter of your supervising professor at Kiel University
  • The second recommendation letter will be obtained by the Faculty.


If you apply for a prolongation, please hand in a plan of project progress additionally.