Federal State Funding

Information on Federal State Funding at CAU Kiel as well as further funding optios are available here.

Further information are available on the webpages of the Graduate Center.

The following deadlines are obligatory:

30 April  for a funding start on 01 October every year

15 October for funding start on 01 April every year


In the case of an initial application, please submit the following documents exclusively in electronic form (one PDF file in the exact document sequence as specified below) to the Dean's Office (dekanat@agrar.uni-kiel.de):

  • Form "Additional information"
  • Cover letter
  • tabular C.V.
  • Copy of examination certificates
  • Copy of the letter of acceptance from your faculty 
  • two letters of recommendation including one from your*counsellor* at the CAU
  • Presentation of your doctoral project with work and time schedule as well as the current status of the preliminary work (exposé)
  • short summary of your exposé on max. one third of a page
  • a half-page generally understandable presentation of your doctoral project
  • The faculty reserves the right to request further reports.
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your application is received by the Dean's Office of the faculty responsible for you in due time. The application must be submitted to the Dean's Office in electronic form as a single pdf-scan. Please note that the documents must be scanned exactly as listed above; you are welcome to add further documents afterwards.


If documents are missing, it is unfortunately not possible to process your application.


Renewal applications

Applications for extensions must be submitted to the responsible Dean's Office within the deadline specified above.

In the case of extension applications, it is sufficient to submit a work and time schedule for the requested additional funding period instead of the exposé, showing the progress of the work to date in terms of content and time. In addition, a statement by the main supervisor on the progress of the work should be submitted. The application must be submitted as a single pdf-scan. Please make sure to scan the documents in the following order in one single document:

  • cover letter,
  • Opinion of the principal investigator(s)*,
  • Presentation of the project's progress to date in terms of time and substance
  • Work and time schedule.


Please note that applications for extensions for a 3rd year will only be granted in exceptional and duly justified cases.

To apply for an extension, please submit additionally a plan to the dean's office (dekanat@agrar.uni-kiel.de), exclusively in electronic form (one PDF file in the exact document sequence given above), which provides information about your work progress.


If you are searching for a Post-Doc scholarship please find information