Equal Opportunity Team

The Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences (AEF) at Kiel University was founded under the name Faculty of Agriculture in 1946 and was mainly dominated by male students and researchers. Almost twenty-five years later, the proportion of female students and scientists increased with the establishment of the Ecotrophology and Nutritional Science study program. Meanwhile, gender equality is a central goal in all areas of the faculty, which is to be implemented steadily through appropriate measures. We, as the Equal Opportunity Team of the Faculty, together with the Equal Opportunity Committee, consisting of representatives from all status groups of the scientific enterprise of the AEF, have developed our Equal Opportunity Plan successfully.

The promotion of equality is to be achieved primarily through the awarding of a faculty gender prize for student theses, the support of female scientists after their doctorate during maternity and parental leave by a research assistant and the offer of workshops on gender and equality-related topics.

Moreover, we would like to be the contact for all scientists who are interested in our gender equality work. A close cooperation with the diversity and family officers of the AEF as well as with the public relations of the faculty should enrich our activities and make them visible.

The Equality Plan was adopted at the 348th (ordinary) session of the Convention on 26 October 2022 and is available here.

We are...

Dr. Britta Pitann

Equal opportunity officer

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Phone: +49 431 880-1424