Experimental Farm Lindhof

Management: Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Taube
Oper. Management: Dipl.-Ing.agr. Sabine Mues
Exp. Coordination: Dr. Ralf Loges
Postal Address: Olshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel
Visitor Address: Bäderstraße 31
24214 Noer
Phone: 04346/4326
Fax: 04346/4099
E-Mail: lindhof@email.uni-kiel.de
Internet: www.lindhof.de


Versuchsgut Lindhof


farm area:

182 ha, of which:

  • 111 ha arable land
  • 48,4 ha permanent grassland (thereof 35,1 ha extensive grassland)

Organic farming certified by Bioland and Naturland

Land use of the arable land:

Crop rotation: 2-year clover-grass - edible oats - potatoes or spelt - spelt or triticale (with clover-grass undersowing).

Animal husbandry:

  • 80 dairy cows, Jersey or Jersey-Blackbunt crosses with offspring,
  • 40 beef cattle (Jersey x Angus) Pasture fattening on extensive permanent grassland
  • Free-range management of 5 Angler saddle sows plus boars, fattening and herdbook breeding (for direct marketing)
  • 200 laying hens in a chicken mobile (eggs for direct marketing) 
  • Lindenwohld beekeeping (for direct marketing).


Experimental activities:

Interdisciplinary research focus 'Organic Farming and Extensive Land Use Systems (since 1997) with investigations on the following topics: nitrogen flows in crop rotation systems, product quality, soil cultivation, weed control, forage production.

  • Material and energy flows in agricultural production systems
  • Eco-efficient pasture milk production
  • Optimization of N fluxes in organic farming/N-fixation performance legumes.
  • Development of dynamic models for the simulation of yield formation and forage quality dynamics
  • Secondary plant constituents in legumes and forbs as a contribution to biodiversity research
  • Greenhouse gas emissions of agricultural land use
  • Root ecology