Semester abroad

Please be sure to inform yourself early: An annual faculty information meeting takes place at the beginning of January. Keep an eye open for notice of this upcoming event.

Opportunity to study abroad while completing a Bachelor of Science degree:

Students who have completed their propaedeutic and core courses by the third semester may wish to study abroad for one semester. It is recommended to study abroad in one of the two following summer semesters, thus leaving the remaining summer semester to complete the
compulsory as well as elective modules from both semesters, i.e. semesters 4 and 6, concurrently in Kiel. More information on the study abroad program can be obtained at the specialization information meeting that always takes place at the end of the winter semester.
For useful advice and helpful hints, it is also advisable to seek student counselling.

Upon formal request, examinations completed abroad will be recognized by the head of the examination committee. Applications for approval can be found on the website of the registrar's office. When selecting modules abroad, please be sure that, when you are in the bachelor program, you only enrol in bachelor modules and, likewise, when you are in the master's program, you only enrol in master's modules.

For further information, please refer to the leaflet for prospective Erasmus students.