Student Mobility - Study Incomings

Information for ERASMUS exchange students who wish to study for one or two semesters at Kiel University can be found here.


Information about modules held in English can be found here:

Bachelor of Science

Module Title Remarks
AEF-agr537 Cross-Culturing Marketing (WS)  
AEF-ök022  Marktforschung im Agrar- und Ernährungsmarketing (SS) modul in german, with the support of the Section english possible

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Master of Science

Module Title Remarks
AEF-el006 Produkttechnologie (SS) modul in german, with the support of the Section english possible
AEF-el008 Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics (WS)  
AEF-eg003 Food Policies (SS)  
AEF-eg004 Develoment Economics (WS)  
AEF-agr066 Economic Production and Trade Analysis (SS)  
AEF-agr825 Consumer Psychology in Agri- and Food Business (SS)  
AEF-agr046 Methods for Breeding Field Crops (WS)  
AEF-agr059 Quantitative Methods of Farm Planning (WS)  
AEF-agrig001 Introduction to Molecular Biology (WS)  
AEF-agrig002 Organization and Aanalysis of Eukaryotic Genomes (WS)  
AEF-agrig003 Biochemistry and Proteomics (WS)  
AEF-agrig004 Introduction to Crop and Animal Breeding (WS)  
AEF-agrig005 Genomics in Research and Industry (WS)  
AEF-agrig006 Applied Genome and Proteome Research (SS)  
AEF-agrig007 Applications of Genomics in Agriculture (SS)  
AEF-agrig010 Utilization of genome analysis in animal breeding (WS)  
AEF-agrig012 Genetically Modified Plants (SS)  
AEF-agrig013 Biotechnology in Phytomedicine (SS)  
AEF-agrig014 Biocontrol Biotechnology (WS)  
AEF-agrig015 Functional Genomics in Phytopathogen Research (WS)  
AEF-agrig017 Biological Systems as Bioreactors (SS)  
AEF-agrig018 Recent Progress in Plant Breeding and Genome Research (WS/SS)  
AEF-EM001 Principles in Ecology for Environmental Sciences (WS)  
AEF-EM002-01a Hydrology and Climatology  
AEF-EM008 Identification & Modelling of Chemical Key Processes (WS)  
AEF-EM009 Principles of Environmental Economics & Environmental Planning (WS)  
AEF-EM011 Principles of Ecosystem Analysis (SS)  
AEF-EM013 Digital Spatial Analysis - Practical Exercises (SS)  
AEF-EM016 Ecology of Soils - Practical Exercises (SS)  
AEF-EM018 Integrated Management of Wetlands (WS)  
AEF-EM019 Advanced Ecosystem Analysis in Environmental Management (WS)  
AEF-EM021 Managing Matter Fluxes & Eco-Toxicological Effects (WS)  
AEF-EM022 Ecological Indicators (SS)  
AEF-EM023 Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland (SS)  
AEF-EM027 Hydrological modelling (WS)  
AEF-EM029 Planning & Managing Science Projects (WS)  
AEF-EM030 Statistical & Mathematical Tools (WS)  
AEF-EM031 Ecosystem Modelling (SS)  
AEF-EM032 Integrated Coastal Zone Management (WS)  
AEF-EM033 Ecosystem Development and Ecosystem Protection (WS)  
AEF-EM034 Principles in Soil Ecology (WS)  
AEF-EM035 Project 1 = Socio-Ecological Analysis 1 (SS)  
EMAEF036-01a GIS and Population Dynamics in Landscapes  
AEF-EM037 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (WS)  
AEF-EM038 Project 2 (WS)  
AEF-EM039 Economic Aspects of Environmental Management (SS)  
AEF-ds001 Dairy Economics: Production and Processing (WS)  
AEF-ds002 Eco-Efficiency of Dairy Systems (WS)  
AEF-ds003 Health Management in Dairy Herds (WS)  
AEF-ds004 Dairy Processing and Quality (WS)  
AEF-ds005 Dairy Cattle Breeding (WS)  
AEF-ds006 Forage Quality and Conservation (SS)  
AEF-ds007 Machine Milking (SS)  
AEF-ds008 Animal Behavior and Welfare (SS)  
AEF-ds009 Ruminant Nutrition and Biochemistry (SS)  
AEF-ds010 Biometrical Planning and Inference (SS)  


Module descriptions can be found here. Please scroll down