M. Sc. Environmental Management

The study program Environmental Economics (EM), jointly supported by the AEF and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF), was launched in winter semester 2004/2005.

This makes the program not only one of the oldest international programs at Kiel University, but also the first international program of our faculty.
Together with other inter-faculty study programs, the study program is located under the roof of the  Kiel School of Sustainability. a facility of AEF and MNF.
To successfully apply for acceptance as a student, you must go through a multi-stage admission process. In this process, more than 300 students from more than 30 nations regularly apply for the approximately 25 available places.  
The EM program is interdisciplinary in nature and begins by evaluating the diverse potentials of students in mandatory modules and establishing a common foundation for further study. 
Four mandatory units are to be taken in the first semesters: 
On the one hand, the modules "Sustainable Approaches in Environmental Management" and "Planning and Managing Science Projects", on the other hand, two strongly science-oriented mandatory Science Project modules. Also modules on scientific methods are part of the compulsory modules in the following semesters.

The program offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in the interdisciplinary application of current and innovative research methods in the context of study projects, laboratory internships, field studies and excursions. This goal is achieved through the extensive interdisciplinary module offering of over 70 modules, which provides students with a very good environment for personal focus and specialization.

The focal points of the program are e.g. "Knowledge and Analysis", "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services", "Ecohydrology and Geoecology", "Human and Environmental Interaction in space and time", "Coasts and Oceans" and "Environmental Economics and Politics". 
This broad range of topics is only possible because the sections not only include modules from the courses offered by AEF and MNF, but also integrate courses offered by the faculty of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences as well as the research centers Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste (FTZ), Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI) and other non-university actors from the region.

The Environmental Management program also offers students the opportunity to participate in two double-degree programs. While participation in the double-degree program with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland leads to the degree in "Environmental Protection", Irkutsk State University, Russia issues a degree in "Environmental Management" after successful participation in the double-degree program.

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