Module Descriptions at our Faculty (Old version)


  1. A module is a teaching unit that is composed of one or more courses and is predominantly held within a semester.
  2. The scope of a module should be 4 SWS, e.g. a composition of 2 SWS lecture + 1 SWS exercises + 1 SWS seminar.
  3. Each module is weighted with credit points according to the time spent on participation (attendance in lectures, preparation and follow-up, examination).
  4. Each completed module that is required for the calculation of your final grade is listed in the certificate. Additional modules are certified separately.
  5. Each module of our faculty that is not prescribed as a compulsory module for a student and originates from the same degree (B.Sc. in B.Sc. and M.Sc. in M.Sc.) can be brought in for the cross-degree compulsory elective area



How to find a module-code

The current offer of courses for a semester especially for elective courses is availabe at  UNIVIS.

Explanation of the module numbers:

AEF-agr001 ff. bzw. agrarAEF001 ff = Agrarwissenschaften, B.Sc. und M.Sc./Agricultural Sciences, B.Sc. and M.Sc.

AEF-eg001 ff.  bzw. egAEF001 ff   = Ernährungs- und Verbraucherökonomie, Angebot der Fachrichtung/Food and consumer economics, offer of the department

AEF-el001 ff. bzw. elAEF001 ff     = Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften, Angebot der Fachrichtung/Nutrition and food sciences, offered by the department

AEF-ök001 ff. bzw. ökAEF001 ff    = Ökotrophologie, Module, die in der FPO gelistet sind/Nutrition and Household Economics, modules listed in the examination regulations

AEF-EM001 ff. bzw. EMAEF001 ff = Environmental Management/Applied Ecology

AEF-ds001ff. bzw. dsAEF001 ff    = Dairy Science

Importmodule  = Module aus anderen Fakultäten/Import modules = modules from other faculties

Exportmodule = Export in andere Fakultäten/Export modules = export to other faculties


We refer to the german version of this page for detailed module descriptions. Please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.