Applications for modules with restricted admission

Regulations for the application procedures for modules with restricted admission 

1. all registrations take place in the 1st week of the 2nd examination period of the previous semester. Preference shall be given to registration via OLAT or email. If certain selection criteria (degree program, number of semesters, passed propaedeutics, etc.) are required for the allocation of places, these must also be requested and indicated by the students.

2. the allocation of places takes place in the 2nd week of the 2nd examination period of the pre-semester.

3. The allocation of places is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the subject examination regulations. If it is not possible to reduce the overhang, the person responsible for the course shall make the selection from among those students who are enrolled in a course of study in which the course is scheduled, have registered in time by the deadline set by the person responsible, and meet the requirements for participation. Students whose number of semesters would be extended by non-admission are to be given preference. Among students of equal rank, the decision is made by lot. In order to avoid cases of hardship, the person responsible for the module may deviate from this order upon request. In the area of interdisciplinary or interdepartmental compulsory elective modules, the justification for the extension of studies does not apply; another module can be taken

4. the announcement of all details required for the registration and announcement of the participants is binding in the module description under the item "Further details".

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