Welcome Freshmen


Dear students, 

The start of the semester is approaching in big steps. Perhaps you are already holding your letter of admission in your hands and wondering what to do now? On this page we would like to give you some hints for a successful start of the semester.

Vice President Prof. Hundt has already announced that as much teaching as possible should take place in presence. However, large events - and this includes the propaedeutics in the first semester - can often only be held digitally or hybrid. 

If your vaccination is not accepted in Germany, official testing is free.

ATTENTION: if you are new at CAU, please take care to be familiar with tools like OLAT and UniviS. With the official acceptance letter, you also receive a stu-Id which you can use for login at OLAT. Please also register at the OLAT-3G-Tool (detailed information available at the general CAU webpage for students) to support a quick-check of your G-status.
Please find more information about the planning status of our teaching here. You also find information there about OLAT and UniviS.
Are you looking for exemplary timetables? Then take a look here.


Special Information AgriGenomics:
Most of the lectures in the first semester of the AgriGenomics study course will take place online or as hybrid form. Therefore, the presence of the students is not strictly required before 15.01.2022. After this date, the practical courses will begin and therefore the attendance of the students in presence is required. More information about the timetable and the schedule in winter semester can be found under https://www.agrigenomics.de/en/timetable.html

In addition to the information directly around the start of the semester, we also offer information on our pages "Around your studies" - furthermore, the student council is a good contact when it comes to student concerns and questions, especially for first-year students. Just have a look at the quicklinks. The Student Council also offers an extensive program for freshmen - often even BEFORE the semester officially starts.

CAU welcomes all first semester students on October 18, 2021.


The AEF welcomes students additionally on the following dates. Please register for this with your stu-mail address via OLAT (link follows). 

Official Welcoming:

B. Sc. Agrarwissenschaften and Ökotrophologie

(Event in German language)

October 22nd, 2021, starting 10 am - presence and hybrid - registration via OLAT obligatory. 

M. Sc. Agrarwissenschaften, Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften, Ernährungs- und Verbraucherökonomie

(Event in German language)

October 22nd, 2021, starting 10 am -  presence and hybrid - registration via OLAT obligatory.
M. Sc. Dairy Science October 19th,  2021, 2.45pm  ZOOM
M. Sc. Environmental Management and IMAE tba
M. Sc. AgriGenomics October 25th, 2021, 5pm, personal participation only when tested and full immunized, registration deadline: Oct. 20th, 2021 via email: s.melzer@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de; Hybrid event using Zoom: Login-Information further information via OLAT
Student Council Mentoring Group


BA: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119189

MA: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119191


BA: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119190

MA: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119193


Agrarwissenschaften: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119192

Ökotrophologie: https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/BusinessGroup/4458119194

For further information please contact our student council via Instagram or Facebook.

General Information for your study start are available here:  Welcome