Dear Students, 

due to unplanned staff shortages over the next six to eight weeks, we kindly ask for your understanding that our examination office will only be able to answer your inquiries in person during our office hours (Mon-Thu from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, not on 7/14-21).

We will prioritize requests for

  • Final documents
  • Exams
  • registrations of final theses 

Other requests can currently only be given secondary consideration and we will  process them according to internal examination office prioritization

Delivery Address Olshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel 
Visitor Address Hermann-Rodewald-Str. 4
Zi.: 18
Telephone: 0431/880-3209
Fax: 0431/880-7334



(Please be sure to provide your matriculation number)

Office Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9 - 11 am 9 - 11 am 9 - 11 am 9 - 11 am

Due to the ban on contact in relation to the corona pandemic, consultations can currently only be given by telephone or email.