Free Trial Regulations

The corona-related free trial regulations are not valid anymore for winter term 2021/22!

The AEF's free trial regulations for the summer term 2021 (corona-related)

The regulation of the winter semester 2020/21 will be continued.
A free attempt will be granted for all examinations taken and failed in the examination periods of the summer semester 2021.

The free attempt regulation will only be applied to examinations of the AEF. Modules and examinations originating from other faculties (import modules) are subject to the regulations of the other faculties. Please enquire at the respective examination offices!


  • The regulations also include, among other things, presence examinations and homework.
  • In the case of combined examinations (e.g. presentation + term paper), the following applies: The examination is only considered to have been passed when all examination parts have been submitted in full.
  • This also includes, for example, repeat examinations from previous semesters that are taken in the summer semester 2021.
  • The regulation also applies to examinations which are assigned to the summer semester 2020/21 but which take place at a later date for organisational reasons (principle of equal treatment).
  • A fail by not appearing for the examination also leads to a free attempt.
  • For students who care for or look after children under the age of 14 and whose learning or examination situation is significantly more difficult due to the closure of schools and day-care facilities, any examination taken and not passed in the winter semester 2020/2021 is considered a free attempt. A copy of the birth certificate must be submitted to the Examinations Office as proof.
  • No free attempt is granted for failed final examinations (bachelor thesis, master thesis).
  • Failure to pass due to attempted cheating does NOT result in a free attempt