The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences promotes internationalization in research and teaching. The Faculty's Convention adopted an internationalization strategy on May 28, 2014 Internationalization strategy (only German version available) on May 28, 2014

Contact: Prof. Dr. D. Cai

Semester abroad with Erasmus +

Students of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences with an interest in a semester abroad have access to a variety of partnerships with foreign universities under the Erasmus+ program. The EU program promotes student mobility within the European Union. In addition to a financial grant, the program offers the benefits of studying at the host university for one or two semesters without tuition fees. The academic achievements at the host university are recognized. The arrangement of accommodation and on-site advice by a contact person are part of the program.

For more information, please visit the pages of the International Center . A current list of partner universities can be found here. (In the Excel table, you will find the responsible CAU program officers of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences in the "Faculty" column under "A")


Within the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences there are several Erasmus representatives who support students in preparing a semester abroad within Europe. The responsibility of the representatives depends on the field of study.

Please also note the information sheet for outgoing students.


Field of Study Representative Contact
Agricultural Economics Dr. Thomas Bittmann
Nature and Resource Conservation,
Environmental Management
Dr. Tobias W. Donath & Dr. Uta Ulrich
Food Economics and Consumer Science Lisa-Marie Schulte
Plant Nutrition and Soil Science Dr. Heiner Fleige
Agricultural Process Engineering Prof. Eberhard Hartung
Animal Husbandry and Product Quality Prof. Joachim Krieter
Human Nutrition and Food Science

Prof. Karin Schwarz &           Bärbel Gruber
Animal Breeding and - Genetics Prof. Georg Thaller
Agrigenomics Dr. Nazgol Emrani
Dairy Science Dr. Angelika Häußermann