Teaching awards

Since 2001 Student' representatives at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences  award a prize for best teaching.
The student' representatives decision is based on teaching evaluations every semester.

The following lecturers received the teaching prize:

SS 2001 Prof. Dr. U. Wyss
WS 2001/02 Prof. Dr. M.J. Müller
SS 2002 Prof. Dr. U. Koester
WS 2002/03 Prof. Dr. S. Wolffram
SS 2003 Prof. Dr. Dr. C. Henning
WS 2003/04 Prof. Dr. E. Wisker
SS 2004 Dr. H. Klink
WS 2004/05 Prof. Dr. J. Krieter
SS 2005 Auszeichnung des Prüfungsamtes Frau M. Senkbeil u. Frau S. Ruhberg
SS 2006 Prof. Dr. A. Abdulai
WS 2006/07 Prof. Dr. J. Roosen
SS 2007 Prof. Dr. Dr. C. Henning
WS 2007/08 Prof. Dr. U. Latacz-Lohmann
SS 2008 Dr. G. Breustedt
WS 2008/09 Prof. Dr. E. Wisker
SS 2009 Prof. Dr. K. Schwarz
WS 2009/10 Juniorprof. Dr. E. Linhart
SS 2010 Priv.-Doz. Dr. H.-H. Sundermeier
WS 2010/11 Prof. Dr. E. Hartung
SS 2011 Dr. Mario Hasler
WS 2011/12 Prof. Dr. C. Schulz