Golden Honorary Pins


Following a resulition of our Convention Committe, since 2004 the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences awards the Golden Honorary Pin to people who delivered outstanding services to the Faculty.

The Golden Honorary Pin is donated by the Society of Friends of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and is presented during the Academic Ceremony for the Handover of Deanship.

2018: Prof. Dr. Peter-Christian Lorenzen

2016: Dipl.-Met. Klaus Baese

2014: Prof. Dr. Gerd-Dieter Kiosz, Klaus Pabst

2012: Dr. Karl Blobel

2010: Dr. Andreas Piltz

2008: Dr. Alfred Angermann, Otto Dietrich Steensen

2006: Prof. Dr. Karl Leitner, Prof. Dr. Halvor Jochimsen, Prof. Dr. Hans Hagemeister

2004: Dipl.Ing.agr. Herbert Boekhoff, Dr. Volker von Borries, Dr. Fred Jensen, Dr. Robert Kob, Dr. Arno Panzer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reiche