Acceptance as PhD Candidate

The Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences awards doctoral degrees in Agricultural Science (Dr. sc. agr.) and Nutritional Science (Dr. oec. troph).

Acceptance as doctoral candidate

at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

In order to start your doctorate at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, the Faculty has to accept you officially. The requirements for an acceptance are regulated in the actual  Doctoral Degree Regulations.

Hence, you need to agree with a professor on supervision by signing a supervising agreement.  At our faculty it is expected from our prospective PhD candidates to find a supervisor on your own and to contact him directly. The agreement document is available below or as an attachment in our doctoral degree regulations.

Helpful information on organizing your doctoral project with your supervisor, on your financing and (health) insurance during the doctoral period, on your enrollment as a doctoral student at the CAU and what you have to consider for the recognition of this time for the German pension insurance etc. pp. can be found on the website of the Graduate Center, especially under the menu item Best practice doctorate.

For your application as doctoral candidate please submit the following documents in one PDF-file as email to the dean's office,

  • the supervising agreement (To be filled in digitally for reasons of readability.)
  • a copy of your master’s degree (or comparable degree) including all exam grades and the final grade or a transcript of records
  • a copy of your valid identity card


After receipt of your complete set of documents, we will send you a link to the CAU's doctorate statistics with a request to register as a doctoral candidate there and

  • confirm the registration in the online portal with a screenshot as PDF file

The documents for your application for a doctorate are now complete and will be evaluated. External candidates are accepted by the Konvent (upcoming meetings of the Konvent can be found here). Please note the possible extensions of the evaluation period. You will then receive a letter of acceptance from the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences.

With this letter of acceptance you can enroll as doctoral student at the CAU.

If you are a doctoral candidate from abroad and want to enroll as doctoral student at the CAU, please contact the International Center.