Fast-Track-Doctoral Examination

Acceptance of doctoral research project: In order to complete your doctorate at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences successfully your doctoral research project has to be accepted officially by the faculty. The requirements for an acceptance are regulated in the Principles for Doctoral Degree Regulations and in the Doctoral Degree Regulations.

The corresponding form can be found here. Please submit the form together with a copy of your final exam.

For the process of fast track promotion applies:

1) The faculty convention appoints two full-time professors to conduct a qualifiying interview with the applicant in order to test their extraordinary ability to work in a scientific field. The supervisor does not participate in the conversation. There is a protocol about the conversation. The professors report to the faculty convention.

2) The faculty convention decides on the application for acceptance on the basis of the bachelor certificate and the report on the aptitude test.

3) Prerequisite for the submission of the dissertation is the proof of 60 credits from the sompulsory modules and additionally from the compulsory elective modules of the corresponding Master´s program.

4) Upon successful completion of the Fast Track Promotion, the Master`s degree will also be awarded. The master`s thesis is cancelled. Further details are regulated by the master examination regulations. The Master`s certificate will not be handed out togethter with the Dr.-certificate until all module examinations have been successfully completed.

5) A dissertation that has been rejected in accordance with § 12 may be submitted as a master`s thesis.

That means: The Fast-Track doctoral candidate can hand in the dissertation if at least 60 credit points have been proven. The certificates (doctoral certificate and master`s certificate) he/she receives only when all 93 credit points have been reached. The disputation counts as the module "Defence of the Master thesis".