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New PhD Regulations (Rules) from March 2nd, 2012, with changes from September 25th, 2014 and June 8th, 2015 and May 12th 2016 

Unfortunately, the update of our Doctoral Degree Regulagions from April 12, 2018 is currently not available as an English version. Please refer to the German version. We hope for your understanding.

Note regarding the transition from the old to the new regulations:  Doctoral candidates who were accepted by the dean after March 1, 2012 must complete their doctorates according to the new doctoral regulations.  All others may choose whether they would like to complete their doctorates according to the old or the new regulations.


Declaration of co-authorship

Guidelines for Doctoral Students

CAU guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice

Notes on predatory publishing for doctoral candidates

Supervisor's agreement

Note from the university library regarding the submission of printed copies of doctoral theses:  Due to archive requirements, the library requires 4 printed copies printed on durable, acid-free non-wood paper that is well-bound (no spiral binding, no staples, no metal rails, etc.).  Soft cover publication (i.e. cardboard cover with glued binding) is sufficient.

Hint on elective modules for PhD candidates: The elective master module AEF-agr804 'Biometrische Versuchsplanung und -auswertung', which is offered every winter semester can also be selected by doctoral students as a great means of support at the beginning of their doctoral studies.  Module objectives:  the students will expand their knowledge of multiple test problems and popular statistical models; they will become well-acquainted with the basic principles of sample size estimation;  they will learn to plan, evaluate and analyze typical experiments and investigations in the fields of agricultural and nutritional science.  The content of the module:  sample size estimation, regression analysis, variance analysis, covariance analysis, multiple contrast tests, experimental stations, introduction to mixed models, introduction to statistics software R.

Equally helpful is the English module entitled AEF-em030: Statistical & mathematical tools, which also can be attended by doctoral students.  The course contents can be viewed here.


Form accepting students = supervision agreement