The Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences awards doctoral degrees in Agricultural Science (Dr. sc. agr.) and Nutritional Science (Dr. oec. troph). 


Prerequisite for admission is a master's degree or final diploma examination in Agricultural or Nutritional Science with a mark of "good (2.5)" or better.  Foreign applicants are only accepted with equivalent qualifications.


Acceptance as doctoral candidate:

In order to start  your doctorate at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, the Faculty has to accept you officially. The requirements for an acceptance are regulated in the Principles for Doctoral Degree Regulations and in the Doctoral Degree Regulations.

Hence, you need to agree with a professor on supervision by signing an supervising agreement. Please contact a professor of your field of research directly. The agreement document is available here or as an attachment on our doctoral degree regulations.

Please submit the following documents in one PDF-file as email to the dean's office,

  • the supervising agreement 
  • your degree certificate

We will then send you a link to the CAU's doctorate statistics with a request to register as a doctoral candidate there and

  • confirm the registration in the online portal for doctorate statistics, e.g. as a screenshot, PDF file or similar.

The documents for your application for a doctorate are now complete and will be evaluated. External candidates are accepted by the Convention. Please note the possible extensions of the evaluation period. You will then receive a letter of acceptance from the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences.


Admission to the doctoral examination procedure:

The doctorate concludes with the doctoral examination procedure. The procedure consists of the submission of the doctoral thesis and an oral exam, the defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation). The doctoral degree regulations specify which requirements you must meet and which form the examination procedure takes. You find a short list of requirements for your admission here. Please note, that these list is a service for your convenience. In case of differences to the doctoral degree regulations, the regulations are binding.

Registration for the doctoral examination / submission of dissertation is possible until Thursday, 12 November, 2020, 11 a.m.
Please make an appointment with Ms. Katja Blohm,, tel. 0431 880 2591 to register for the doctoral examination.

The following dates are available:

November 10, 2020  
November 11, 2020  
November 12, 2020  
9:00 a.m. free free free
9:30 a.m. free free free
10:00 a.m.   free free free
10:30 a.m.  free free free
11:00 a.m.   free free  -


Finishing your PhD:

The PhD process is finished after you have published your fit-to-print dissertation and received your doctoral degree certificate. If you need an english version of this certificate, please let us know in advance according to § 23 sentence (3) of the Doctoral Degree Regulations.


Registration with the Graduate Center: Once you have been officially accepted as a doctoral candidate you can register with the Graduate Center in order to use its services. Please use our online registration portal for registering with the Center (and later for all our courses).

Matriculation: You have the possibility to matriculate as a doctoral student. Please consider the respective provision of the Hochschulgesetz of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and the respective doctoral degree regulations. You can find copious information about the matriculation on the pages of the Studierendenservice (Student Service) of the university. If you are not a German citizen different rules for matriculation apply. You can find information about deadlines for matriculation, matriculation fees and manner of payment here.


Membership of Kiel University

As a doctoral candidate you are a member of Kiel University if you are an employee of the university, i.e. you have signed an employment contract, or if you are matriculated as a doctoral candidate. Please note that the registration of your doctoral project with the faculty or your registration with the Graduate Center does not establish membership.

Formally membership is defined by the Hochschulgesetz of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and the Constitution of Kiel University.


Gestattungsvertrag (Licensing Agreement)

If you do research work as a doctoral candiate at Kiel University without an employment contract, e.g. in a laboratory or on one of the university farms, you have the possibility of concluding a Gestattungsvertrag (licensing agreement) with your supervisor in which the rights and duties of both parties can be specified.

You can find a model agreement here and here. Please note that only the German version of such an agreement is legally binding. The model agreement can be modified to reflect the particular situation of the doctoral candidate. The institute in question, the faculty, represented by the dean's office, and the legal counsel of Kiel University, Ms. Daniela Geißler, must approve of the final agreement.