APL Professorhip

The application for the award of the APL title can be made at the earliest four years after the habilitation and ten years after the doctorate. 

The criteria of the Guidelines for Applying for an APL Professorship of the President's Office apply.

If there is no habilitation, the Habilitation Committee of the Faculty may, on the basis of the criteria for the 
General determination of eligibility for an appointment (Convention of 05.07.2017) examine whether the requirements for the award of an APL professorship may be met.

For your application, please submit all documents in the order below as one complete PDF file to the Dean's Office (dekanat@agrar.uni-kiel.de; attn: Maren Brechtefeld)

  1. a curriculum vitae written in German and/or English, which should provide information in particular about the educational background and further scientific training after completion of the university studies,
  2. copies of the certificates of
  • the successful completion of studies (state examination, diploma, bachelor's and master's degrees or proof of an equivalent scientific qualification,
  • the doctoral degree certificate or proof of an equivalent scientific qualification, and 
  • the award of the venia legendi as well as 
  • if applicable, the certificates of recognition as a specialist, habilitation or appointment as junior professor,
  1. a list of publications and lectures
  2. a list of previous teaching activities with the associated evaluation results; in particular, a statement of the applicant's own contribution in the case of courses offered by more than one person.
  3. a statement by the applicant of his or her citizenship and, if the applicant is not in public service, a police clearance certificate; and a statement of disciplinary convictions or any pending criminal or formal disciplinary proceedings.
  4. a list of projects and/or external funding obtained to date,
  5. a list of completed supervised dissertations and other academic theses,
  6. list positions achieved in appointments, - participation in academic committees.


Additional documents may be requested in individual cases.