Pflichtmodule M. Sc. Environmental Management (EM)/Int. Master of Applied Ecology (IMAE)

Modulcode Modulname
AEF-EM001 Principles in Ecology for Environmental Sciences (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF001-01a Principles in Ecology for Environmental Sciences (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM002 Hydrology and Climatology (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF002-01a Hydrology and Climatology (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM006 Principles of Ecosystem Protection & -Management (until WS 2016/17)
AEF-EM008 Identification & Modelling of Chemical Key Processes (WS)
AEF-EM009 Principles of Environmental Economics & Environmental planning (WS)
AEF-EM010 Nutrient Cycles and Sustainability (until WS 2016/17)
(from WS 2022/23: agrarAEF893-01a) (AEF-EM010 and agrarAEF893-01a cannot be taken simultaneously)
AEF-EM011 Principles of Ecosystem Analysis (SuSe)
AEF-EM012 Coastal & Marine Ecosystems - Field Studies (until SuSe 2018/19)
AEF-EM013 Digital Spatial Analysis - Practical Exercises (until SuSe 2020)
EMAEF013-01a Digital Spatial Analysis - Practical Exercises (from SuSe 2021)
AEF-EM016 Ecology of Soils - Practical Exercises (SuSe)
AEF-EM018 Integrated Management of Wetlands (WS)
AEF-EM019 Advanced Ecosystem Analysis in Environmental Management (WS)
AEF-EM021 Managing Matter Fluxes & Eco-Toxicological Effects (WS)
AEF-EM022 Ecological Indicators (until SuSe 2019)
AEF-EM023 Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland (until SuSe 2019/20)
EMAEF023-01a Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland (from SuSe WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM024 Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland (until SuSe 2018)
EMAEF024-01a Fieldtrip Limnoecology Lake Baikal (from SuSe 2021)
AEF-EM025 Theory of Ecosystem Dynamics and Decomposing Systems (until WS 2015/16)

Landscape Systems Analysis Northern Finland (until SuSe 2016)

AEF-EM027 Hydrological modelling (until WS 2019)
EMAEF027-01a Hydrological modelling (from WS 2020)
AEF-EM028 Thesis plan Ecohydrology (until SuSe 2019)
AEF-EM029 Planning & Managing Science Projects (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF029-01a Planning & Managing Science Projects (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM030 Statistical & Mathematical Tools  (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF030-01a Statistical & Mathematical Tools  (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM031 Modelling Ecosystems - Practical Exercises (until WS 2019/20)

Ecosystems Modeling (from WS 2020/21until SuSe 2021)


Ecosystems Modeling (from WS 2021/22)

AEF-EM032 Integrated Coastal Zone Management (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF032-01a Integrated Coastal Zone Management (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM034 Principles in Soil Ecology (WS)
AEF-EM035 Project 1 = Socio-Ecological Analysis 1 (SuSe)
AEF-EM036 GIS and Population Dynamics in Landscapes (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF036-01a GIS in Ecology (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM037 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (WS)
AEF-EM038 Project 2 (WS)
AEF-EM039 Economic Aspects of Environmental Management (SS)
AEF-EM040 Conservation Biology (until WS 2019/20)
EMAEF040-01a Conservation Biology (from WS 2020/21)
AEF-EM041 Fieldtrip Ecohydrology Poland (until SuSe 2018)
EMAEF042-01a Metabolism of the Anthroposphere - Impacts on Waste Management (until SuSe 2021)
EMAEF042-01a Metabolism of the Anthroposphere - Impacts of Waster Management (from WS 2021/22 )
EMAEF043-01a Marine and Coastal System I (SuSe)
EMAEF044-01a Marine and Coastal System II (WS)

Analysis Methods in Hydrochemistry (until SuSe 2021)


Analysis Methods in Hydrochemistry (from WS 2021/22)

EMAEF046-01a Interdisciplinary Lectures on Sustainability (WS/SuSe)
EMAEF047-01a Management of Soil Resources (SuSe)
EMAEF048-01a Economic Valuation of Environmental Services (WS)
EMAEF049-01a Trade-offs in Protection and Use of Marine Ecosystems (until SuSe 2019)
EMAEF050-01a Sustainable Approaches in Environmental Management (WS)
EMAEF051-01a Science Project 1 (SuSe)
EMAEF052-01a Science Project 2 (WS)
EMAEF053-01a Master Thesis Environmental Management - 2020
AEAEF001-01a Master Thesis Applied Ecology - 2020



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