Pflicht- und Wahlmodule M. Sc. Dairy Science

Modulcode Modulname
dsAEF001-01a Dairy Economics: Production and Processing (from WS 2019/20)
dsAEF002-01a Eco-Efficiency of Dairy Systems (from WS 2022/23)

Health Management in Dairy Herds (from WS 2021/22)

AEF-ds004 Dairy Processing and Quality
AEF-ds005 Dairy Cattle Breeding
AEF-ds006 Forage Quality and Conservation
AEF-ds007 Machine Milking
AEF-ds008 Animal Behavior and Welfare
dsAEF009-01a Ruminant Nutrition

Biometrical Planning and Inference (from WS 2021/22)

DS - Cat. 1 Refer to the Examination Regulations for the elective modules in Catalog 1.

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