Pflichtmodule M. Sc. AgriGenomics

Modulcode Modulname
AEF-agrig001 Introduction to Molecular Biology WS
AEF-agrig002 Organization and Aanalysis of Eukaryotic Genomes WS
AEF-agrig003 Biochemistry and Proteomics WS
AEF-agrig004 Introduction to Crop and Animal Breeding WS
AEF-agrig005 Genomics in Research and Industry WS
AEF-agrig006 Applied Genome and Proteome Research SS
AEF-agrig007 Applications of Genomics in Agriculture SS
AEF-agrig008 Research Seminar WS+SS
AEF-agrig010 Utilization of genome analysis in animal breeding WS
AEF-agrig011 Molecular Plant Nutrition SS findet im SS 2017 nicht statt
AEF-agrig012 Genetically Modified Plants SS
AEF-agrig013 Biotechnology in Phytomedicine SS
AEF-agrig014 Biocontrol Biotechnology WS
AEF-agrig015 Functional Genomics in Phytopathogen Research WS
AEF-agrig016 Plant Coumpound Profiling and Food Quality WS - cancelled
AEF-agrig017 Biological Systems as Bioreactors SS
AEF-agrig018 Recent Progress in Plant Breeding and Genome Research WS/SS
AEF-agr046 Methods for Breeding Field Crops WS
AEF-el008 Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics WS
biol258b Computational and Comparative Genomics SS
biol260 Molecular Genetics of Plants and Fungi WS/SS
biol261 Cell and Development Biology  WS/SS
agrigAEF020-01a Selection in Plant Breeding by SS 2019
agrigAEF020-02b Selection in Plant Breeding from SS 2020

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