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- Virtual Central Examination Office for B.A./M.A. Students
Semester- and lecture periods


1.  All academic examination equivalents in the forms of papers, reports or presentations must - without exception - be registered for the 1st examination period of a semester.  

 2.   All oral and written components of examinations from modules offered by our faculty can be registered for independently of each other in three time periods:

–    WS modules in February, March/April and July

–    SS modules in July, October and February

 3.   The rules pertaining to externally completed modules are determined by the faculties offering those courses. For example, the following propaedeutic modules:

 - Economic, Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology: only in

February and March/April of every year

 - General Chemistry: only in February, March/April and October every year

- physics in July and October and NEW: March/April

NEW SS 2019: Economic no longer in July and Oktober

 4.   All written exams (not oral exams) can be canceled for up to 8 days prior to the examination date.  University examination dates.

Examinations in summer semester 2020

The exact exam dates and the offers of the lecturers for the oral exam dates will be announced in good time by the beginning of the first registration period of the first exam period. Due to the necessary hygiene concepts, the allocation of the rooms is difficult.

There will be new registration periods for all exam periods. If you wish, you can cancel exams that are already in the registration status and re-register for the 1st examination period of the summer semester 2020 - part 1.



1. Examination period of the catch-up examination period from the winter semester 2019/20 (canceled due to the corona pandemic) from September 7 to 26, 2020 - enrollment August 10th to 23th, 2020

In this examination period, only the modules of the winter semester 2019/20 without exception of the modules from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences are offered for examination. Due to the limited space in the lecture halls this has a special catch-up period from August 24 to September 5, 2020.

written examination in September 2020

oral examination in September 2020

2. Examination period for the summer semester 2020 from October 5 to 24, 2020 - enrollment September 7th to 20th, 2020

In this examination period, only the modules of the 2020 summer semester are offered for examination.

written examination in October 2020

oral examination in October 2020

The exact date of each individual oral examination will be posted by the Examination Office at the end of the registration period in the QIS online system. Students who do not have access to QIS will find their examination dates posted on the Examination Office's notice board.

We try to take your wishes into consideration when scheduling oral examinations (e.g. silver wedding anniversaries, internships, etc.). We also try to take into account preferences pertaining to examiners. Please inform us of your wishes after your registration via QIS.  After the registration deadline, we can no longer take your requests into account. With over 1400 oral exams, we, unfortunately, cannot fulfill requests such as: Module A on the 14th  , Module B on the 21st.

Examination Periods in the Coming Semesters

 There are two two-week examination periods for all Bachelor and Master students. The following is generally the case:

 –    the 1st examination period comprises the last week of the lecture period and the first week of the lecture-free period

 –    the 2nd examination period comprises the last week of the lecture-free period and the first week of the lecture period of the following semester