The Faculty of Agriculture Kiel was founded in 1946. Nunquam otiosus (never idle), is the motto on the seal of office, supplemented by plow and ear of corn as a symbol of agriculture.

Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Dr. Emil Lang and other initiators of the faculty was expanded from humble beginnings, with the help of other departments and especially the Research Institute of Dairying.

The Faculty of Agriculture educated initially agronomists, later qualified agronomists. Through the establishment of the course "Nutrition and Household Economics" the  Faculty was substantially expanded in 1970. In the same year came the renamed Faculty of Agricultural Science, since 1998, then  Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences.

In 2000 she was one of the first faculties in Germany, which has migrated to the new Bachelor's and Master's programs (BSc and MSc Agricultural Sciences and BSc and MSc
Nutritional and Household Economics). 2013 the Master program MSc Nutritional and Household Economics was splited into two Master programs MSc Nutritional and Food Sciences and MSc Nutritional and Consumer Economics. Expands the range of programs is now by the English Master's programs AgriGenomics, Dairy Science and Environmental Management, Applied Ecology and Ecohydrology (the last three together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences).