Coronavirus: Recent information

Dear Students of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science,
here you will find information on changes due to Corona pandemic.

As international student, scientitst or guest, please do not hesitate to contact the International Center if you have difficulties in understanding all „Corona“-regulations properly.
International Students:
International Scientists:;
Carephone/psycchological service:


1. Exams

Written exams

It is planned to make up for the examinations that did not take place in the 2nd examination period of the 2019/20 winter semester in the 2020 summer semester during an examination period to be defined at a later date. The determination of this period depends on the course of the pandemic. In any case, you will be informed in time.

Other exams

Currently we are already working on solutions to replace the exams of the examination period that did not take place (2nd examination period of WS19/20).

The examination office will contact every student via the stu email address *i n d i v i d u a l ly*.

Please inform your fellow students that they should refrain from asking the examinations office.

2. Study/Teaching

Dear Student,

in the face of the Corona Pandemic the Faculty of Agriculture and Nutritional Sciences is committed to continuing classes during the summer term 2020 in a transparent and easily understandable way. To facilitate clear and open communication between students and teachers, the following measures have been implemented for all modules scheduled for this summer term:

  • The module has been added to OLAT, and
  • the option "Register/Enroll" has been enabled for each module.


What YOU must do as a student:
  • Login with Olat and ENROLL (this is mandatory) for all modules you need to choose (mandatory courses and courses on the mandatory-choice list for your study program) or wish to choose (optional courses) during the summer term 2020.
  • Do this before April 6, 2020.


Your compliance with this request is absolutely critical so that lecturers - for each and every one of their modules - can get in touch with you individually (by April 10, 2020) to let you know whether, when, and how the module will be delivered. It is only after these arrangements have been made that the course program can start in its updated form by April 20, 2020.

In case you find yourself unable to enroll in a module as outlined above, please directly contact the module coordinator.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Dean of Study Programs


All classroom teaching is to be prohibited until April 19, 2020. 


Registration procedure for modules with limited number of students
Please register for modules with limited number of students for the summer semester 2020 as stated in the modules description under „additional information“. It is currently unclear, weather the places can be allocated in the 2nd week of the examination period. Of course, we will inform you as soon as we can provide more concrete information. 

3. Bachelor- and Master thesis

Registration: the registration form is available on our website.

Please send us the registration form by mail or as scanned document.

The registration is only recorded in QIS when the university resumes normal operations, so that you do not have any disadvantages in terms of processing time for your thesis. You will receive a copy of your registration by mail or e-mail. The registration is then also visible in QIS.

An early submission is of course possible. 

Students could get signatures of both auditors by e-mail in advance. Either the auditors sign the form and send it back to you as scanned document or both auditors give their agreement by e-mail and forward these e-mails together with the form you signed and scanned to the examination office ( Please do not forget your signature on the back of the form. 

Submission of Bachelor and Master theses

In general: Please send us your final thesis by stu-Mail to the examination office in addition to the printed thesis. We can then promptly forward it to the auditors for correction.

You can drop the printed paper into the letter slot in the office door of the examination office (Hermann-Rodewald-Str.4, room 18) or hand it in at the main gatekeeper’s lodge in front of the „CAU-Tower“. If you send it by mail, the postmark will be taken as the date of submission. To meet the deadline, final papers can be submitted to the examination office as a PDF file or by stu-Mail.

Print shops closed? Please first submit 2 electric versions (CD or memory stick) to the examination office. The printed versions can then be submitted as soon as printing is possible again. 

4. Examination office

On the instructions of the university, unfortunately, student counselling is only available online ( or by telephone (0431/880-3209).

5. Doctoral degree

Disputation dates on 13 May 2020 and 17 June 2020 will take place. Candidates who have registered will be informed of the various possibilities for conducting the disputations over the coming weeks. The further procedures depend on the further decrees and guidelines of the state of Schleswig-Holstein in the context of the corona pandemic.

The submission of dissertations is still possible until April, 2nd 2020, 11 am at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences.

If the print shops are closed, a PDF file can be submitted instead of five print versions to the Dean's Office by e-mail (if you work at the CAU or an affiliated institution, please use your service e-mail) to The dissertation will then be reviewed on the basis of this digital version. As soon as the print shops reopen, a printed and bound version of the dissertation must be submitted. Together with the printed version, a signed declaration must be submitted that the digital and printed versions are identical.

Please remember the unsigned abstract as PDF.

The abridged version to be signed by the first reviewer may also be submitted as PDF by e-mail.

All other required documents must still be submitted personally to the Dean's Office.

In order to avoid waiting times and the risk of infection as well as to ensure the occupation of the dean's office, please make an appointment with Ms. Katja Blohm via or phone 0431 / 880 - 2591. The following appointments are available:

  • 27.03.2020: 9 am/ 10 am/ 11 am
  • 01.04.2020: 9 am
  • 02.04.2020: 9 am/ 10 am


Doctoral exams can be held as individual exams without public access. 

6. Dean’s office

The employees of the deanery are still there for you - but not on site. Please write an e-mail with your request to or call them, the telephones will be redirected. We will try to process your request as soon as possible.

Doctoral theses can still be accepted in the dean’s office, provided that hygiene and distance requirements are observed. 

7. Section Libraries 

The departmental libraries may reopen under certain circumstances. Please contact the institutes directly to find out whether this is possible while observing the protective measures.

All members and affiliates of the CAU have access to all electronic journals, databases and e-books licensed by the University via VPN access for access from home. During the Corona crisis, some providers and publishers offer parts of their e-media services for temporary access.

Electronic media ( )

8. Institutes/Departments

  • The Department of Human Nutrtion can only be contacted by e-mail until April 19, 2020
  • The institute of plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences can only be contacted by e-mail
  • The Institute of Agricultural Engineering is currently only available by e-mail

9. Cancelled appointments

  • Klausureinsichten Human nutrition with Dr. Wiebke Braun:
    • Wed, March 18, 9.00 – 9.30 am Ernährungs- und Gesundheitsberatung
    • Wed, March 18, 9.30 – 10.00 am Erfassung des Ernährungszustandes und der Ernährung
  • Farewell to Prof. Susenbeth, March 20, 20
  • Graduation ceremony, June 19th 2020


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