Coronavirus: Recent information

Dear Students of the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science,
here you will find information on changes due to Corona pandemic.

As international student, scientitst or guest, please do not hesitate to contact the International Center if you have difficulties in understanding all „Corona“-regulations properly.
International Students:
International Scientists:;
Carephone/psycchological service:


Examinations in February and March/April 2021
  • all examinations of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences will be conducted online during the 1st and 2nd examination period of the winter semester 2020/21. No examinations may be held in presence.
  • If an exam has to be conducted in presence, the dean will decide on the exceptions upon request of the respective institutes.
  • The examinations previously planned to be held in presence in these examination periods will be converted into alternative forms of examination.
  • For organisational reasons, the Examinations Office usually allocates examination dates for 2 students for the time slot of a full hour (e.g. 1-14 p.m.). Each student therefore knows the time slot when the examination will take place, but not whether she/he will be examined for the first or the second half hour in this time slot. The examination itself lasts at least 15 minutes, plus counselling and grade announcement. When the individual student is examined within this time slot is decided by the examiner. Examiners are asked to provide information in advance about the time slot and the converted examinations. If you do not receive any information in advance, it is recommended that you contact the examiner during the lecture period, e.g. collected in the respective course.
  • Please only register for examinations that you actually want to take. If you are unable to attend, please inform the examiner by e-mail.
  • The tables can be found here:




Free Attempt - update 23 January 2021

The Corona University Law Supplementation Ordinance comes into force today. The resulting new rules for a free attempt will be dealt with in the committees in this week.

  • Granting a free attempt for failed examinations taken on or after Januar 23, provided they are online examinations or the type of examination has changed;
  • The semester count is also suspended for the winter semester 20/21 (exemption semester regulation).

Furthermore, students who care for or look after children under the age of 14 and whose learning or examination situation is significantly impeded due to the closure of schools and day-care facilities will be allowed to take a free attempt on absolved and not-passed examinations in the winter semester 2020/21. We will inform you in the course of this week in the usual manner about the concrete form of these regulations as well as further details on the topic of studies and examinations.


Bachelor- and Master thesis


Registration: the registration form is available on our website.

Please send us the registration form by mail or as scanned document.

The registration is only recorded in QIS when the university resumes normal operations, so that you do not have any disadvantages in terms of processing time for your thesis. You will receive a copy of your registration by mail or e-mail. The registration is then also visible in QIS.

An early submission is of course possible. 

Students could get signatures of both auditors by e-mail in advance. Either the auditors sign the form and send it back to you as scanned document or both auditors give their agreement by e-mail and forward these e-mails together with the form you signed and scanned to the examination office ( Please do not forget your signature on the back of the form. 

Submission of Bachelor and Master theses

In order to meet the deadline, final papers can also be submitted to the responsible examination office as a PDF file by stu-mail as long as printing and binding is not possible due to the closure of copy shops. The printed and bound version in the prescribed form and number must be submitted as soon as this is possible again. The digital file submitted within the deadline must be identical to the subsequently submitted printed and bound version.

You can drop the printed paper into the letter slot in the office door of the examination office (Hermann-Rodewald-Str.4, room 18) or hand it in at the main gatekeeper’s lodge in front of the „CAU-Tower“. If you send it by mail, the postmark will be taken as the date of submission. To meet the deadline, final papers can be submitted to the examination office as a PDF file or by stu-Mail.

Information about the winter semester 2020/21

In all German and English study courses offered by the faculty, the lectures and large seminars are also realised as digital teaching-learning events in the winter semester - especially for the first semester Bachelor and Master students. Please check this page regularly for further information.

More detailed information on the English-language degree programmes can be found on the respective pages:

M.Sc. AgriGenomics

M.Sc. Dairy Science

M.Sc. Environmental Management

M.Sc. Applied Ecology


Information from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture published a media information on 25th June: Studying in the Corona Crisis.

Some important points are listed here:

Standard period of study
The university does not consider the summer semester 2020 to be a subject semester for higher education law regulations that are linked to the duration of the Regestudium or the number of subject semesters. Upon application, the universities shall issue students who were enrolled in the summer semester 2020 with a certificate stating that they were unable to provide proof of performance or examination results due to the pandemic and that this delayed the completion of their studies by one semester. This does not affect the regulations on state examinations.

University admission
The application deadline for the winter semester 2020/21 for courses of study with restricted admissions has been postponed from 15 July to 20 August for all courses of study that are awarded via the Foundation for University Admissions (Central Procedure and Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure). In the central procedure, the application deadline for persons who acquired their university entrance qualification before 16 January 2020 has been postponed from 31 May to 25 July. This is to avoid disadvantages for applicants, especially as a result of postponed Abitur examinations. In Schleswig-Holstein, the end of the application period is also postponed to 20 August for those degree programmes whose places are allocated directly by the universities.

Support for students
The state has increased the Studentenwerk's loan fund for students in need by 100,000 euros. In addition, the federal government has provided bridging aid (emergency aid fund) of 100 million euros for Corona students in need. The Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein is expected to receive a share of 2.3 million euros. Students who are enrolled at a state or state-recognised university and are not on leave of absence can receive 100 to 500 euros per month for the months June to August 2020.

https://www.überbrü .

The temporary closure of universities and the postponement of the start of the semester at individual universities have no effect on BAföG. Pupils and students will continue to receive benefits under BAföG even if training centres within the meaning of § 2 BAföG are closed due to a pandemic.

Scholarships can also be extended by 6 months.


1. Examination office


On the instructions of the university, unfortunately, student counselling is only available online ( or by telephone (0431/880-3209).

2. Doctoral degree

The next date for submitting dissertations and registering for the doctoral examination procedure is Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 until 11 a.m. In order to reduce personal contacts during waiting times and to minimize the risk of infection with Covid 19, we ask you to make an appointment with Ms. Katja Blohm (, 0431 880 2591) in good time. Please have a look on the following website for the available appointment dates.

3. Dean’s office

The employees of the deanery are still there for you - but not on site. Please write an e-mail with your request to or call them, the telephones will be redirected. We will try to process your request as soon as possible.

Doctoral theses can still be accepted in the dean’s office, provided that hygiene and distance requirements are observed. 

4. Section Libraries 

The departmental libraries may reopen under certain circumstances. Please contact the institutes directly to find out whether this is possible while observing the protective measures.

All members and affiliates of the CAU have access to all electronic journals, databases and e-books licensed by the University via VPN access for access from home. During the Corona crisis, some providers and publishers offer parts of their e-media services for temporary access.

Electronic media:

Section librabry for economic sciences, Heinrich-Hecht-Platz 9 (HHP9)

  • Mr. Heine is in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and processes e.g. mails (such as procurements) and can be reached by phone, e.g. to organize the individual access of colleagues to pick up books.
  • The building is generally also closed for employees - special requests are possible, please contact Mr. Heine directly.
  • A basic service of the UB is maintained. In addition several mails were sent in the last days. For more information see UB homepage with FAQ Here you can also find information about publishers who release e-resources for a limited period of time.


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